Telegram Adds Video Playback Speed and Video Calls up to 1000 Viewers

A popular messaging app, Telegram, brings new features to its app. The most significant of which is “Group Video Calls 2.0” where video calls of up to 30 participants can broadcast their cameras and screens up to 1000 spectators. Telegram is also hopeful to increase the video calls limit until “all humans on Earth can join one group call”.

Telegram Adds Video Playback Speed and Video Calls up to 1000 Viewers

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As mentioned above, video messages have been updated to 2.0. This means that those circular press-hold video messages are now higher-resolution and you can tap the message to expand the circular video. You can also pause and scrub through the video message. You can also record voice messages and your background audio won’t pause.

Interestingly enough, the latest update includes the same feature we have seen on WhatsApp. You can now watch the videos sent through Telegram at 0.5X, 1.5X, or 2.0X speed. Android will also support 0.2X speeds.

Moreover, you can also share your screen with audio. The update also comes with a new auto-delete feature. Your messages will automatically delete after one month. You can now draw more precisely onto images before sending them to a friend or group.

There are now more animations in the passcode screen, and messages you add to a chat will animate in a new way as well on the Android app. A new password reset option that has been added to the apps’ settings will help users recover a password in 7 days if they don’t have a recovery password.

Finally, new animated emojis include dance emojis, fist bumps, broken hearts, and sad-face emojis. The iOS app also gets integration with the camera app on iOS so you can switch to the zoom or wide cameras when taking a photo directly on the Telegram app.

Source: Telegram

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