The Latest Chrome Update Will Decrease the Battery Drainage of your Device

The popular Chrome browser is infamous for draining battery life swiftly. The main reasons for this battery drainage revolve around the additional JavaScript timers and trackers operating in the background. However, Alphabet’s Google is constantly working on an update to resolve the issue. A recent discovery shows that the company is working to decrease the drainage in the power hibernating tabs.

The Latest Chrome Update Will Decrease the Battery Drainage of your Device

A  new report suggests that the latest feature operates by closing down unnecessary JavaScript timers and trackers. These will be shut down when a tab will be operating in the background.

However, if we talk about the opened tabs, the battery saving is much more impressive. According to a report, a test was conducted in which the browser was able to save 2 hours of battery life with 36 background tabs and one blank opened tab. Though, when a YouTube video was played in the opened tab, it reduced battery saving by 36 minutes.

Reportedly, this latest feature will be available for both desktop and mobile versions of the browser. Currently, the experimental feature is available as a flag in early Chrome 86 builds. However, it’s not clear whether the update would be ready with the release of a new version of Chrome. In the past, Apple and Microsoft have frequently promoted battery life advantages over Google Chrome. Nevertheless, this latest update will prove to be fruitful for the Chrome users.

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