Top 10 Netflix Movies of All Time

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has devastated various economic sectors in the world. Though, there are some firms that have witnessed a boom in their market growth. Most of these are related to the digital world. One major successor among them is Netflix. The main reason behind this extravagant growth is ‘lockdown’. It has forced people to stay at home, therefore, the primary means of entertainment for many around the world is to watch movies/TV serials. There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the best platforms to watch thrilling movies and seasons in HD quality. So, I am going to quote Top 10 Netflix movies all time. The reported stats are based on the number of accounts that hit play in the first 4 weeks of the film’s debut.

Top 10 Netflix Movies of All Time

Extraction (99M):

The movie incorporates a black-market mercenary who has nothing to lose in his life, hence is hired for a mission where he must rescue the abducted son of an imprisoned international Godfather based in Mumbai from his rivals in Dhaka. However, in an ugly underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers, an already dangerous mission comes near to impossible as state tools are also being used to sustain the boy in Bangladesh. Watch the movie on Netflix if you are curious to know about the events of this mission.

Bird Box (89M):

This movie comes under the horror genre where a mysterious force has taken over the globe that will make you die if you see it. All human population is at stake as their worst fears are now the weakness used to kill them if not blindfolded. The story revolves around a survivor, who along with her two children tries to escape the apocalypse through their forced blinded journey from the woods, then river in order to find them a safe haven. Available on Netflix, this movie is a family watch with commendable acting by the leads.

Spenser Confidential (85M):

Spenser Confidential is an adventurous watch where the plot shows a Police detective from Boston. Upon his violent investigation with a suspect of a murder case, he is sentenced to imprisonment for five years. The movie then shows how life has changed for him in the years he spent in jail. Adjusting to the new environment he is constantly threatened by unknown forces that only mean harm and defame him. Watch this movie on Netflix to see how he then uses his preserved detective instincts to find clues from the underworld.

Underground (83M):

This movie is an action thriller movie set in a fictional Central Asian dictatorship. This is one of the best Netflix movie with immense action. Here, an enigmatic leader after faking his death selects 5 people from around the world to form a gang of untraceable agents who do what they are best at. These people have been chosen for a cause for which they have to pursue a bold mission and finish a brutal dictator. This is a widely watched movie on Netflix and one must see the extent of these selected people aiming to delete their past and change the future.

Murder Mystery (73M):

This movie is a perfect watch to lighten the mood with suspense and a chain of events. A couple from New York goes for their long pending honeymoon to Europe following their fifteenth wedding anniversary. They face a charming encounter on board with a billionaire who invites them to a close family ceremony on a yacht. The duo could not find a reason to decline the offer so they become guests to the Europeans. The excitement ends when a murder takes place in the vicinity and all blame the Americans for it.

The Irishman (64M):

This movie has won numerous awards and appears to be one of the best movies present on Netflix. The main lead of the movie rests on a wheel chair in his old home where he looks back to main events of his life. A surviving hitman of the World War II period, he becomes active in the state politics during the cold war period. He remembers his times and also grieves over his wrong doings over the years. It is a must watch on Netflix as the flashbacks indeed take the audience years back in time.

Triple Frontier (63M):

This netflix movie is an action-adventure genre in which five former Special Forces operatives reunite to plan a heist in the multi-border zone of South America. These five operatives undertake a dangerous mission for themselves rather than for the country. But suddenly events take an unexpected turn, threatening to spiral out of control. Their morals and loyalties are pushed into a crisis in an epic battle for survival. Do have a watch on Netflix for an intensity of adventure and thriller.

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The Wrong Missy (59M):

This movie is a perfect element of humor with miscommunication as a key role. A man invites a woman of his dreams to spend time with him in at Hawaii, to his surprise he texts the wrong woman. The woman who is now his partner on the work retreat was his disaster date who he thinks of as a nightmare. The unfortunate turns have brought embarrassing moments for the lead man, who is now trying is best to get rid of this unwanted companion. That comic movie that surely will lighten the mood is available on Netflix movies.

The Platform (56M):

A psychological and dark movie that leaves thought in the audience minds. This movie shows prison cells of the future where the inmates of the upper portion are provided meals whereas the ones below starve. It is a grisly, gnarly horror movie, which gets bathed in blood during its heavy-action climax. The Platform is a unique piece of art. Given how society operates (or struggles to do so) in the midst of one of the most catastrophic crises in history. Do watch this movie on Netflix as it is a funhouse representation of the world.

The Perfect Date (48M):

This movie is a very light-hearted teenage romance that has the male lead indulged in academia so that he may get into his dream Ivy League college but lacks extracurriculars and the money. By posing to be the boyfriend of a self-assured, combat boot-loving girl, he seizes an opportunity to make some extra cash. He discovers he has a knack for being the perfect stand-in and is launching an app that will market itself as a plus-one for all occasions. Available on Netflix, see how he needs to reassess everything he once was sure of.

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