US will not Discuss Huawei with China: Trump

After all the tension between China and the US, finally, President Donald Trump has said that it does not want to discuss Huawei with China. He said that China and the US are the two biggest economies and they need to escalate trade tensions between each other. He said that we had Issues with Huawei as it was posing several concerns for our national security. In Easy words, US will not Discuss Huawei with China.

US will not Discuss Huawei with China: Trump

“Huawei is a big concern of our military, of our intelligence agencies, and we are not doing business with Huawei”

Trump said that we will be indulging in whatever is going in China through a friendly was but Huawei will not be the key players to be discussed right now.

“And we’ll see what happens with respect to China, but Huawei has been not a player that we want to discuss, (that) we want to talk about right now.”

Well, it’s surprising to see the ever-changing comments of Trump. Seems like he is interested to discuss the trading option with Beijing, China. However, now he does not want to discuss Huawei but still want to do trade.

In past US president had also said that he will be ready to talk with Huawei to reach trade deals with Beijing. Even Trump and President of China, Xi Jinping had agreed to ease restrictions of Huawei and China has decided to purchase US farm products.

However, the ever-changing statements of trump reveal that he is not serious about anything. It further confirms that he is trying to cover the allegations he had put on Huawei.

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