WhatsApp Adds Link Copying & Shared Link History Tab

WhatsApp passes through so many iterations between the multiple beta and release versions that at times some features are missed. Usually we get instructions about additions or changes to the app, but in some situations we cannot just identify when they were executed.

WhatsApp Adds Link Copying & Shared Link History Tab

Following are the trifler additions that you may or may not have already observed.

Shared ‘Links’ History Tab

Every conversation in WhatsApp has a Media screen that sums all the sent and received images and videos. It’s where you can easily browse through all videos that you have shared with your friend group.

Each link has a rich preview top part and a lower part with the message it was actually sent in. Tapping the preview directly opens the link in your browser, while tapping the bottom takes you to the message so you can star, share, delete, or view the framework in which it was shared. It is a good way to quickly look through the fascinating links you’ve sent or received.

Easy Link Copying

One of the most frustrating things in the past versions of WhatsApp was that you couldn’t copy a URL by tapping and holding on it. You could long tap as much as you wanted, you still wouldn’t get anything out of it. Instead, you had to tap and hold the entire message it was sent in, and then you could copy or forward that. Between version 2.12.453 and 2.12.486 is the option to tap and hold on a link and have it directly copied. You could then go and paste the URL anywhere else on your phone.

Changes to Conversation Clearing

The easiest method to clear messages would be delete the whole chat, but it seems that most users like going to the overflow menu in a chat and then tapping More > Clear chat to remove all messages but keep the chat in their history.

During past couple of months, clearing became more rough, permitting you to delete all messages or only those that are older than 30 days or 6 months. A checkbox was added between version 2.12.453 and 2.12.486, to keep starred messages while clearing a chat. That’s a good addition because you may not want to lose important address or information even if you are willing to clear rest of the conversation.

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