WhatsApp Gold is a Trap – Donot Install it

Recently, some Whatsapp users have reported to received a message from scammers offering them the exclusive ‘WhatsApp Gold’ to download from its website, www.goldenversion.com. If you have or haven’t received this message,be warned not to download it. WhatsApp Gold is not an updated version of WhatsApp, its a malware. The download link is being sent by hackers who wants to get access to your phone.

WhatsApp Gold is a Trap – Donot Install it

WhatsApp-Gold PhoneWorld

With the help of a text message, Cyber criminals are getting access to the WhatsApp of their target. In the message, Gold version has been mentioned as the updated version. To make it more special, hackers are calling it the latest version which can only be used by celebrities.

WhatsApp Gold is not the first scam that has gone viral on the app. Previously Whatsapp has been targeted by many other spam messages. Another spam message which got viral claiming to be sent from one of the founders, insisting the user forward the message to 100 friends to show that they were active users, else their account would get shut down. This spam also made some users confused. Therefore warn your family and friends to avaoid WhatsApp Gold spam and they also should not forward the message.

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