WhatsApp Group Calling Button Makes Group Calling Easier- Here’s How it Works

WhatsApp keeps on launching new features on and off to engage its users but this one is the best so far. WhatsApp us testing WhatsApp group calling button that makes group calling easier and hefty. Previously, Group calling feature was launched by Facebook however it was not welcomed by people as it wasn’t perfect. Now Group call button will be seen within the Group chat.

WhatsApp Group Calling Button is being Tested- Will launch soon

With WhatsApp Group calling button, one will be able to talk to any three members of the group. In the older version, one had to start a normal call with one of their friends and after the recipient response, other people could be added. However, the new WhatsApp group calling feature will allow you to start group call directly be it, voice or video.

But with this new feature, it lets you select the contacts for group calling quickly if you are in a common group with your contacts.

 How WhatsApp Group Calling Feature Works? 

  • Tap on the Group calling button located in the top-right corner
  • You will be presented with a list of group members. So select the members you want to start a group call with.
  • After this, users will be presented with two buttons – one for video calling, and the other for audio calling.

WhatsApp only allows the maximum number of four members in a group call.

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