WhatsApp Introduces “Mark As Unread” Feature

WhatsApp introduces “Mark As Unread” feature after such massive demand of people. WhatsApp is offering an update to mark your messages as unread but senders will still know that you have read them.

After massive demand, WhatsApp Introduces “Mark As Unread” feature

This exciting feature is for all the Android users which allows users to mark the messages as “Unread” – just as one can do email clients.

By tapping and holding any conversation, users can switch the status to “green”, it will serve the purpose as a visual reminder to respond the message later.

It will have no effect on the status of messages in the chat. All the messages that are seen by the recipient appear with blue ticks on them.

A new exciting feature for low data usage option for voice calls has also been extended to latest update.

This feature is a part of many exciting features that are updated in latest WhatsApp update. Other updates include the ability to “mute” a conversation for eight hours, one week, or one year, and to assign ringtones, vibration lengths, lights or pop-up notifications to some specific conversations or people.

WhatsApp, a standalone app which is owned by Facebook, is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world with a following of 800 million monthly active users.

There is false information about WhatsApp to have a “like” button much similar to the Facebook but it will be most probably used in the group chats.But there are issues too like WhatsApp is banned in UK and hence UK people can not benefit with these perks and new exciting features of WhatsApp.

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These new features will surely increase the usage of WhatsApp among the masses.

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