WhatsApp Update Lets You Hear Audio Message via Earpiece

The trend of WhatsApp audio messages is becoming more popular and people enjoy this feature more than sending text in written form. However, it is sometimes very embarrassing to play personal messages aloud. WhatsApp Update has resolved this problem but so many people are still unaware.

Sometimes when you receive a WhatsApp audio message when you are out and your headphones are not available, you will not wait and will want to listen but publicly it won’t be comfortable to hear personal message. Automatically, the frustration level will increase of not being able to listen.

WhatsApp Update Lets You Hear Audio Message via Earpiece

Don’t worry there is a handy feature that lets you listen anywhere, even without headphones, while maintaining privacy. If you don’t know about it yet, we will tell you how to do it. This update is already rolled out on WhatsApp and will already work on your phone.

How to Use it?

To use this feature you have to simply press play on the audio file you have received on WhatsApp and then quickly hold the phone to your ear as if you were on a call. The phone will switch the audio output from the main speaker to the earpiece speaker and only you will hear the message.

This is not a new feature but many of people don’t know about it. However, it could be very helpful update, especially with those phones that don’t feature headphone ports and only Bluetooth headphones work.

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