WhatsApp Private Reply Feature Launches for iOS

The famous messaging app, WhatsApp keep on rolling out new features to remain in limelight. WhatsApp for Android had rolled out a new feature for beta users namely, Private Reply around two months back. However at that time we had understanding that this feature will only be launched for Android Users. It is a basic feature and WhatsApp users for iOS were asking for it from ages, finally, their wish is granted. WhatsApp Private Reply feature allows users to send a private message with the help of a group message.

In a latest update iPhone Users have also received WhatsApp private reply feature. It means now WhatsApp will also allow iOS users to reply to a group privately in one to one chat. That means that if you are doing a group chat with someone and you want to reply to some particular person which no one else should see. This can be done with the private reply feature with which you can reply to a particular message which has been sent in a group to that sender privately, meaning in the personal chat- no incognito mode yet.

The most wanted WhatsApp Private Reply Feature Arrives for iOS

This feature will be the best fit for those group where only administrators can send messages. It does not matter if the group was closed, you will still be able to use the “Reply Privately” feature if the requirements are met.

To use this feature, you just need to tap and hold a message in a group chat and select More>reply privately. Along this feature, some new features are also launched for iPhone users such as 3D touch function. Now from Status tab, one will be able to 3D touch to preview a contacts’ status.

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