WhatsApp Reaches 5 Billion Installs

WhatsApp is getting popular day by day among the people due to its amazing feature, end-to-end encryption and much more, though people are also complaining the bugs they are facing time to time with in the app. As yesterday, we faced hurdles in sending the pictures via WhatsApp including other messages. Any how we did’t see any decline in the growth of the app. Now, this most popular messaging app- WhatsApp Reaches 5 Billion Installs.

Statista has reported that WhatsApp is most popular global mobile messenger app worldwide with almost 1.6 billion active users per month, While Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users and WeChat has 1.1 billion users monthly.

WhatsApp Reaches 5 Billion Installs

AndroidPolice reported:

As with most Android applications that reach large amounts of installs, this number does not just include downloads from the Play Store, but also pre-installed copies like Samsung and Huawei has bundled the app with some smartphones in the past.

WhatsApp is using as the primary source of communication in so many countries around the world. In 2019, South Korea was the fastest-growing WhatsApp market, with downloads of the mobile messaging app increasing almost 56 percent for the Google Play store. In addition to that, it is for the very first time in five years that Google unseated Facebook as the top publisher of mobile apps.

Android Police also highlights that WhatsApp has become only the second non-Google Android app to reach five billion installs. Which is the milestone for WhatsApp’s owner Facebook.

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