Xiaomi Smartphones will have WhatsApp Cleaner Feature in MIUI

Every now and then, companies announce that their systems were breached, followed by the extent of the damage, and what they’re doing about it. Compromised data is a subject that needs the public’s full attention. Data breaches can result in millions of private records and sensitive data stolen, affecting not just the breached organization, but also everyone whose personal information may have been stolen. The worst disadvantage of the internet is that you are always at risk. To fight data breaches, internet security is a very important aspect and almost all companies are trying to cope up with this situation. Like many other brands, Xiaomi phones offer a security management hub after bringing a range of system related tools into one place. These tools are usually included in SMS/call blocklists and cache cleaners. Xiaomi Smartphones will have WhatsApp Cleaner Feature in MIUI.

How to activate WhatsApp Cleaner Feature in MIUI

Now to add WhatsApp cleaner into the list,  Xiaomi has announced WhatsApp Cleaner feature in MIUI 10 Security Hub. In order to add these tools follow these steps:

  • Security App
  • WhatsApp Cleaner

WhatsApp cleaner feature is same as WhatsApp storage functions that allow you to wipe WhatsApp related files in order to get some storage space.

As WhatsApp Cleaner tool doesn’t allow you to drill down by contacts. So if you want to wipe photos from a specific contact or group, you can use WhatsApp’s built-in tool by following the steps:

  • Settings
  • Data and storage usage
  • Storage usage

Even if you want to clean up your WhatsApp account you can use this Xiaomi tool as the official tool doesn’t appear to let you wipe all files at large. You’ll also want to stick to the Xiaomi utility if you need to wipe a specific category of file, such as video clips.

WhatsApp has clarified that the WhatsApp Cleaner tool is available on phones running the MIUI 10 global beta ROM. However if your phone is scheduled to receive MIUI 10, it’ll get the WhatsApp Cleaner tool as well.

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