YouTube Introduces Three Second Preview for Every Video

The famous Video Streaming App has launched a new update with which YouTube Introduces Three Second Preview for Every Video. The new update will let users see a 3 second preview before we play it.

YouTube Introduces Three Second Preview for Every Video

Talking about the update, YouTube commented:

We are improving how you make video watching decisions by launching an experiment for video previews for desktop

Google’s product, YouTube is working on this three seconds preview of video since June. If you browse YouTube on desktop, you will feel better experience of the video.

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YouTube Introduces Three Second Preview for Every Video


YouTube explained in a blog post:

Users will be shown a 3-second preview of the video while browsing YouTube on desktop, giving you better sense for what each video is about.”

YouTube is updating its platform to incorporate moving thumbnails. These short clips are automatically selected fro the first half of videos using AI. Right now developers are still working to select the preview of their own.

Video preview feature is currently available on selected browsers that include Chrome versions 32 and Opera version 19. However this feature is not available on mobile devices.

YouTube is not the first streaming service to provide such feature. Many people mocked YouTube from stealing idea from somewhere else.

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