Amazfit Bip – Alternative To Apple’s SmartWatch

Here's the good news for Apple users.


Apple’s SmartWatch is really like a blessing for its users. It has accurate health-monitoring features. If you are looking for its latest model, i.e. Series 4, the expected cost is $400. However, a less-cost budgeted watch is available at Amazon. Its version will be aluminum or you can buy the watch from Series 3.


Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin also provide you with alternatives. They will work in the same manner as Apple’s smartwatches do. Still, they can be expensive for many people out there. Would it be a self-treat if you could get a smartwatch having all features the Apple’s smartwatch possess?

Amazfit Bip – Cheap Alterative

Amazfit Bip is all you can have this summer. It cost only $80. Surely, it will not be hard on your pocket. It is not only restricted for iOS users but also, Android users can get a benefit too. Here’s a comparison.

Amazfit Bip

Amazfit wins at Face

Apple watch has a class of its own which can not be denied. It looks premium as compared to Amazfit Bip. There is a collection of third-party faces available. It also provides you with customization. You can choose from four colors.


Bip’s Battery Life

According to Bip, its battery will need to charge after 30 days, whereas Apple’s battery lasts only 36 hours maximum. The battery will drain out quickly on when you stream music or attend a call from iPhone. It seems like Bip is the best and affordable alternative until now.

Bip can calculate your heart rate, GPS and notifies you about the weather. Further, it is water-resistant. It has a 24/7-on reflective LCD screen. Music control apps feature is available on Apple but not on Bip, however, with the interference of third-party applications, it can work out. The table shows an honest comparison of Amazfit Bip with other smartwatches. Let’s have a look!

Amazfit Bip
PC: Cnet

Is not it a gift for you this summer? It really is.

Place your order now at Amazon.



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