5 Best iOS Benchmark Apps on the App Store for iPhone and iPads

When you’re buying an expensive mobile or tablet its is normal to be curious about if it’s really as powerful as it claims. Nowadays, lots of budget mobiles have almost identical powers with high-end ones. There are several iOS benchmark apps that can assess a device’s true results. These apps run different tests on the UI, CPU, and more, and provide you with accurate performance estimates on your phone.

What are Benchmarking apps?

The practice of comparing your device’s performance to other device in your is known as device benchmarking. This gives you a general understanding of how the device stacks up against the competition. Let’s face that, it’s what the users do on a daily basis.

Benefits of Benchmarking apps?

Benchmarking is a convenient method to assess a phone’s or tablet’s performance. They’re also available for iOS. Benchmarks may test almost anything, although the majority of them concentrate on hardware performance and speed.

You may get an idea of how a phone operates in various modes by ranking several aspects of the phone’s performance.

RAM tests determine how effectively your phone can handle several apps or apps that need a lot of processing power.

5 Best iOS Benchmark Apps on the App Store


If necessary, you can use these applications to test capability across a variety of devices. And if you have no prior knowledge of the hardware, all test results are simple to comprehend. Here is a list of the best iOS benchmark apps 2024 that you can try.

1) Geekbench 5

geekbench benchmarking apps

Geekbench is a collection of benchmarks designed to test CPU and GPU performance easily and reliably. Geekbench removes the guesswork from generating solid and accurate test results by making benchmarks simple to run and understand. This is one of the tested and best iphone benchmark apps you can find on iStore.

The app also includes a list of phones and tablets that have extensive GPU information. This list will be used to compare the device to others to see which is the best. You can still use the app if you’re in the hunt for a new smartphone and aren’t sure which type is best. The app supports hardware from a variety of manufacturers, including Android, iOS, and Linux.

2) AnTuTu Benchmark

benchmark apps for iphone

AnTuTu is a popular benchmark application for iOS that calculates your device’s productivity.

This is one of the most popular applications in the genre, and it will check your device’s processor and RAM. Aside from data that can be found online, the dimensions in this app are based on the actual usage case of your computer. From visual to power consumption, the software will measure it all.

AnTuTu is a general-purpose benchmarking application that evaluates a system in a variety of areas, including UI responsiveness and CPU, GPU, memory, and storage performance. The results of each test are then added together to give you a final ranking (a flagship level device today scores between 40,000 to 50,000 points).

Basemark OS II

iOS benchmark apps

The Rightware’s Basemark OS II series of tests, including AnTuTu, are another example of a well-crafted, general efficiency benchmark.

Basemark OS II focuses on a number of important areas, including device, graphics, memory, and web performance, as well as camera performance.

While the complete version contains all of the comprehensive score analysis for more analysis, and is intended for product growth, the free version is tailored for users and only shows the final score of total results and clustered region performance.

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Basemark GPU

Basemark GPU is a multi-platform comparison iOS benchmark app that can assess the device’s graphic efficiency.

This app allows you to estimate your device’s graphic capabilities and compare them to other models on the market. Furthermore, the app will match the metrics on your mobile to those on notebooks and PCs.

Basemark GPU performs tens of thousands of individual draw calls per frame in an advanced game-like scene. In the integrated Basemark Power Board service, you can conveniently equate your device’s performance to that of other devices. All results are automatically sent to the Basemark Power Board in the free edition. Furthermore, all tests are only possible if the device is connected to the Internet.

GFXBench Benchmark

benchmark apps for iOS

GFXBench is a free 3D graphics benchmark that benchmarks graphics efficiency, long-term performance reliability, render quality, and power consumption in a simple, easy-to-use program.

GFXBench recognizes both industry-standard and vendor-specific APIs, including OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, Metal, DirectX/Direct3D, and DX12, as a genuine cross-API benchmark.

How to benchmark your iPhone and iPad?

Benchmarking a wide variety of applications would provide you with the most useful information. If you’ve ever thought how effective your iPhone really is, there are some ways to put it to the test, or “benchmark,” in specific contexts. There are many Benchmarking applications for iOS in the App Store that can measure various aspects of your iPhone, such as CPU power, memory speed, and storage read/write speed, and return a score that you can equate to other smartphones.

  • Performance test

Download the Performance Test Mobile app from the App Store. After the download is finished, open the window. Select the kind of benchmark you’d like to perform by tapping on it. To make the app run through a series of checks, tap the “Run Benchmark” tab. When the benchmark tests are over, the app shows the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run a benchmark test on my iPhone?

Tap the “Benchmark” button to make the app run a 3D benchmark test on your iPhone to see how powerful the graphics processor is. If you want to share your benchmark results online, tap the “Post Result” button, or click the Home button to uninstall the app and return to the home screen.

Does Apple use benchmarking?

Benchmarking is used by the companies including Apple and Google to develop their own systems and activities. You’d more likely run your figures against major businesses like Google or Apple if you had to see how your sales applied to market benchmarks.

How does Apple measure performance?

Apple takes a systematic approach to its long-term success strategy, which includes five performance metrics. Customer retention, key competencies, staff engagement, and alignment are also factors to consider.

Does AnTuTu like benchmark apps really works?

Yes, benchmarks are a good indicator of a device’s more powerful hardware. Apps like AnTuTu benchmark are useful to test your device’ performance.


All the above mentioned apps are one of the best iOS benchmark apps. Benchmarking is a method of determining the best result or in a certain business, by a competitor, or by a completely different sector. This data will also be used to find loop holes in a company’s operations, allowing it to gain a competitive edge.

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