10 Best Meditation Apps for Android to Use Free in 2024

Feeling more anxious, stressed than usual in 2024? While we could probably all use a wellness retreat right about now, a trip is an excellent and effective way to relax, but when you don’t plan a trip and quarantine give you more anxiety, then you must need to find any other way to meditate yourself. The claimed advantages of meditation are a more significant focus, less pressure, and better sleep. To help you quickly become mindful, we have filtered the best apps for meditation, which can help to release your stress in this pandemic. Due to their quality, usability, and great review, we choose some meditation apps for android as the year’s best. To learn deep breathing exercises, follow guided meditations, and experience the many advantages of meditation, download these apps.

For many people, it may at first feel impossible to take time out of your day to meditate. However, if you struggle with moments in your day, where you actually can not concentrate because you feel exhausted, you might already practice some of the best tentpoles in modern meditation. There are aspects of meditation that can help you understand how to maximize your full potential if you try to balance a busy work-at-home routine or to seek to maintain your productivity skill to pass an exam in the future.

Mobile applications and their guided meditation apps have been available in recent years to help users become more mindful wherever they maybe. Best meditation applications provide complementary elements of audio and video support to guide users in the everyday practice of meditation. Some are free and perhaps a perfect way to practice if you have never meditated before, but some need a membership for daily practitioners. They prefer more flexibility to keep their schedule under track. We have filtered some of the free apps for you to start meditation without any hassle. Maybe some offer more features with the subscription. Meditation is a convenient way to achieve huge benefits. And how exactly do you know what to do?

Due to their quality, usability, and great review, we choose some meditation app for android as the year’s best for your guidance. To learn deep breathing exercises, follow guided meditations, and experience the many advantages of meditation, download these apps.

Best Meditation Apps for Android in 2024

So, breath in, hold, breathe out, and here we go with some best meditation apps for android.

1. Meditation Music

App Rating: 4.9 Stars

Cost: Free with optional in-app purchases

Meditation music is an app of relaxing music for peace of mind. You are invited to relax your mind or what you’re struggling with when you will start to use this app, which is downloaded millions of times.

Meditation music is the best meditation apps for stress relief with music. Take a deep breath, stop worrying, relax, and meditate with the best meditation sounds and yoga music, and find inner peace and calmness. Why waste your time creating a mix with soothing music? You will discover high-quality meditation melodies in this app. You only play and relax. It’s the best meditation apps for android users. Meditation Music contains 17 different free and high-quality meditation melodies, and no network is required. You can set the time as well for relaxing. It’s the best meditation apps for grief when you feel down or sad for any reason.

This app comes with a useful timer for allowing you to set the duration for which you want the meditative music to play. This helps you to focus more intensely and better during meditation. While you are meditating, the timer on this app keeps working in the background and plays uninterrupted music. It’s the best meditation timer app on android.

The free version though comes with ads that may be distracting, and you will have to upgrade to the premium paid version for removing the ads.  In a nutshell, you can try this app if music helps you meditate better as it is one of the best such apps on the market.

User Review:

“If I could give this app more stars, I would. It is excellent! It has a large library of free songs and also has a premium version that has even more songs. What I love the most is that there are no ads with the free version that interrupts your music! The only ads are on the screen and don’t have any audio that comes up during your practice.”


2. Aura

App Rating: 4.4 Star

Cost: Free with optional in-app purchases

Aura is the world’s most loved mindfulness app, with thousands of meditations for stress, anxiety, sleep, and more – personalized just for you. Aura for hustlers who only have a few spare hours to read this blurb. Just finish reading this article and open it. Aura app may be a good idea for anybody who might need a way to help settle down their nerves immediately before a date, ease your fears when an airplane takes off, or get out of the stress of a panic moment. Its range is designed to recover you from such intense circumstances within three-minute sessions and 30-second thoughts. This is the best meditation app for concentration.

While some competitors offer 10-30 minute meditations, Aura has options that work for anyone’s schedule. Sessions last anywhere from three to ten minutes, depending on your level of comfort, making it great for newcomers and more experienced practitioners alike.

Aura also keeps track of your data to paint a detailed picture of the patterns of your mental ebbs and flows. Just like your fitness goals, you can track your mindfulness progress with the help of Aura’s gorgeous visual interface. This is the best daily meditation app for android.

User review:

“I love Aura so much. It helps me to heal, clear my mind, helps me with anxiety, depression, and it also helps me to concentrate and focus more. I’m more productive during the day as well. I find myself walking a lot more relaxed and stronger throughout the day. Thank you, Aura ❤❤❤”.


3. Smiling Mind

App Rating: 3.7 Stars

Cost: Free

Mindfulness is the goal with Smiling Mind, a free meditation app developed by psychologists and educators that offers a wide variety of programs for all ages. Particularly if you feel anxious about the coronavirus or your kids think stressed about disruptions to their normal everyday lives, this is an app that will have solutions for the whole family. It supports kids’ mental health throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We consider the best meditation apps for kids, as well. It’s the best meditation apps for depression for all ages.

Smiling Mind app intends to assist users in dealing with pressure, stress, and the challenges of daily life. It is designed to be used by individuals from all age groups (7 y/o and up) and in a variety of everyday routine settings, i.e. sport, workplace, etc. Each audio lesson – lasting between 1 to 43 minutes – comprises a sequential step teaching how to meditate through courses, activities, and meditations. As users move forward, the program records their sessions progress and self-reported mood changes. The app also provides programs for educators divided by children’s all age groups, which includes lesson plans, meditations, and take-home activities. This is the best meditation apps for students.

User review:

“Easy to use; accessible and very blind friendly; thank you. It’s getting very hard to find an app that isn’t overloaded with unlabeled images, buttons, and circular sliders. Thanks for a straight-from-the-hip, getter-done meditation app.”


4. Insight Timer

App Rating: 4.8 Stars

Cost: Free

The best meditation apps for beginners. Guided meditations and talks led by the world’s top meditation and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford, and more. Music tracks from world-renowned artists. Join millions learning to meditate on Insight Timer to help calm the mind, reduce anxiety, manage stress, sleep deeply, and improve happiness. It’s one of the best meditation apps for android users.

Insight Timer a multifaceted gateway to more than 30,000 guided sessions that tap into every emotion rattling your nerves, it also offers relaxing music tracks, a section for kids, and therapeutic pep talks from the likes of Indian yogi Sadhguru and psychotherapist Anthony DeMello. It’s the best free meditation apps without a subscription.

User review:

“Love this app!! It tracks your time spent and the number of days meditating. There are thousands of guided meditation options as well as a timer for doing your own thing. There are additional courses that are wonderful…live events…and opportunities to interact with the community. Truly life-changing…”


5. MyLife (known as Stop, Think & Breathe)

App Rating: 4.7 Stars

Cost: Free with optional in-app purchases

How are you? Check-in with how you feel & pick a tuned mindfulness session to improve your day and sleep better. MyLife recommends daily meditations for beginners and experienced meditators, yoga, and acupressure videos based on your mood.

Though many meditation apps require your credit card number before offering anything truly helpful, the Stop, Breathe & Think app has a relatively robust slate of meditations completely free. This is the best android meditation app, Every time the app is opened, and it invites you to check in with your feelings; you fill out a quick survey that leads you to a choice of meditations tailored to your needs on that particular day.

MyLife (formerly known as Stop, Breathe & Think) is an award-winning meditation and mindfulness app that helps you find your quiet place. It allows you to check-in with how you’re feeling and recommends short guided meditations and mindfulness activities, tuned to your emotions. Whether you’re anxious, sleepless, hopeful, angry, or anything in between, Mylife will help you to feel better. It’s the best meditation apps for anxiety.

User review:

“The best experience ever. Helps to a great extent in relieving my anxiety makes me more balanced. The best thing about it is how well it is structured and how it takes you to step by step through the process of identifying how your physically, how mentally, how your emotionally and accordingly suggests activities. In the grip of acute anxiety, many times, I am unable to follow through on what I know helps (like breathing). This app holds our hand n takes us through the process to a better place.”


6. Relax

App rating: 4.3 stars

Cost: Free

In a stressed-out mindset lately, that’s transitioned to your dinner plate? Meditation is a great tool to get your mind and body back on track, and that can include a weight loss journey. Meditation does help you become more aware of your thoughts and actions, including those that relate to food and accurate choices of food will help you stay healthy, also help the body to maintain blood pressure. Relax Meditation app provides an immersive experience, making daily meditation a comfortable, natural, and simple activity for everyone.

So this app is best to lower blood pressure, and it’s the best meditation apps for weight loss as well. Download the fantastic apps and use as little or as many of our guided meditation and mindfulness sessions FREE! It’s the best meditation free app.

User review:

“Absolutely recommended I have a hectic lifestyle and stress is part and parcel of my job. Since I downloaded this app, I’ve been so much more relaxed, and I’m in control again! Work stress has reduced, and I feel so, so much happier. This app is the best out there, and I wholeheartedly recommended it!”.


7. Let’s Meditate

App rating: 4.8 stars

Cost: Free with optional in-app purchases

Whether you need a 5-minute pause or a long, 45-minute meditation session to unwind from the day, this app has options for you. You can also download different courses for sleep, reducing anxiety, relieving stress, and more so that you can have access to your favorite systems no matter where or what your meditation needs are. A curated list of guided meditation tracks catering to a wide variety of topics to suit your situation; including anxiety, body scan, healing, sleep, and many more. It’s the best meditation apps for sleep and the best daily meditation app for android.

Furthermore, This app helps you know about the best ways to meditate. Whether you happen to be a pro meditation practitioner who wants to have a deeper experience or are a beginner, the guided meditation sessions can change your life. There are quite a few basic techniques of meditation. cleaning rejuvenates, clears, and purifies your mind, while Meditation helps control your focus and mind, and Relaxation aids with calming and physical comfort. It’s the best meditation app for android free

User review:

“So many helpful guided meditations for relaxation, identifying stress areas, falling asleep, getting more restful sleep, and even managing my chronic pain. I love that there are zero annoying ads. I love this app so much that I felt compelled to make a donation after only my second day of using it. This app has made a positive difference in my daily life.”


8. RR Eating Disorder Management

App rating: 4.8 stars

Cost: Free

The RR Eating Disorder Management smartphone app is a self-monitoring tool for individuals recovering from an eating disorder. Unlike traditional pen-and-paper meal diaries, which are often used in eating disorder treatment, the app holds novel features, such as meal reminders, affirmations, etc.

If you struggle with eating disorders, then this app offers an empowering range of tools to help you find success. This app is designed to be a smart companion for managing your recovery from a variety of eating disorders. Its best android apps for meditation in eating disorder as it Keeps a record of meals, thoughts, and feelings; customize meal plans, coping tactics, and recovery goals; and link to your treatment team when you need in-the-moment feedback and support. Perfect for every stage of recovery from anorexia, bulimia, OED, BED, CED, and other eating disorders.

User review:

“Has helped keep track of my meal intake in a healthy way for once instead of counting calories as much, would really recommend! I still struggle with my end but it’s helping on the way to recovery I hope! & gives cute animal pictures at the end of each track to cheer you up a bit’’.


9. Pregnancy Yoga Exercises

App rating: 3.9 stars

Cost: Free

This app is best to meditate on pregnant women who want support in preparing for childbirth. Aside from the hypnobirthing sessions, you can find the due date calculator here which will reveal lots of interesting information about your baby. Pregnancy Tracker is a pregnancy app that provides useful information for expecting mothers and future parents. Expecting a baby is a wonderful journey, and this app makes it even better with weekly updates about your pregnancy, plus tips for what to expect. This app helps expecting mothers understand the changes their body is experiencing and provides a guide on how to take care of the bump from the first week to the due date. In this app, you will find some poses and exercises yoga, and other relaxation techniques to do during pregnancy. Yoga exercises good for mother and baby. It’s the best meditation apps for pregnancy tracking.

Every expecting mother wants to know how her baby is growing, how her body is changing, and if she’s healthy. With Pregnancy Tracker, you’ll find your own detailed weekly pregnancy calendar, which gives quick and easy access to information about your pregnancy, your baby’s development, changes in your body, and tips on nutrition for pregnant women. Pregnancy Tracker best meditation app for android. Get the benefits of Yoga Exercises when you are pregnant. Relaxation is good for you and the baby. Just follow Prenatal Yoga Lessons and exercises, dedicated specially for pregnant women.

This is important because there is a stress that a tiny human being can not only grow or raise during a global pandemic because, of course, their lives are different when moms and moms to be are dealing with particular stressors. Yoga will definitely help mom to relax during pregnancy. It’s the best meditation apps 2024 for pregnant women.

User review:

“t’s very comfortable app. It will be great if there are more exercises or to be different for the day, but it’s okay and how it works right now.”


10. Relax & Sleep Well

App rating: 4.7 stars

Cost: Free with optional in-app purchases

This app designed to help you achieve a deep state of relaxation. The makers of the service suggest that by entering a highly relaxed state, people are then better able to absorb suggestions for new thoughts and behaviors. In pain or any other suffering, it will help to relax the mind and will give you a calm sleep if you have a session before going to sleep. It’s the best meditation app before bed.

You will find very experienced therapist recordings in high quality, professional studio productions that initiate deep, healing transformations in users. It’s the best meditation app for android phones.

Instant access to four free hypnotherapy and meditation recordings and a choice of over 110 in-app purchase options covering insomnia, stress, anxiety, mindfulness, sleep, spiritual healing, pain relief, addictions, and much more. Its best meditation apps for pain and also helpful meditation apps for cancer patients for pain relief.

Relax & Sleep Well, which is a full 29-minute hypnotherapy session that will take you on a relaxing journey into the deepest levels of self-hypnosis. The subtle soundscapes supporting a calming voice will help you connect with a profound feeling of relaxation and mindfulness. It will also help you to alleviate stress and anxiety, overcome insomnia, and encourage healthy sleep patterns. We found this best meditation app to fall asleep.

User review:

The 30 minutes relax and sleep well free recording is amazing! I’ve tried everything to help sleep in pain including medication and nothing has ever worked like this! I’ve never heard the end of the recording which is also surprising, I don’t wake up until my alarm in the morning which is something that hasn’t happened for years! Give it a try! It’s free so doesn’t waste your money if it’s not for you!


Final Words:

Well, all of the above are the best meditation apps in 2024 as we all need badly meditation in this cruel year. These apps are the best-guided meditation app for android.  start and keep track of your mediation journey. They all apps are very good and helpful. You should consider meditation if you find like life is exhausting and that you don’t have much concentration or energy to do the things that need to fulfill.

No matter which app you use, Apps will definitely help you to develop the habit of meditation, but the journey is yours. Once you instill the habit of taking out a few minutes every day for mindfulness, any meditation app here will benefit you. we also mention the user’s review which will help you out more about the app and will encourage you to start to meditate yourself when you see their review that how satisfying this app is! A simple practice can help you a lot. So, give this a try. If you need meditation.

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