Chrome 71 to Block Ads on Abusive Sites

Google is planning to block ads that deceive web users. The Chrome 71 browser(which will release in December) will automatically remove any ad on certain sites which deliver consistent abusive experiences.
Google introduced protections in Chrome against so-called “trick to click” links in November 2017. It redirected web visitors to sites they didn’t intend to visit, to make money from ads or steal identities and the Chrome 71 update is an extension of that. Chrome 71 will simply weigh whether a website contains ‘abusive’ content and if it has, it will simply block all of its ads rather than stopping forceful redirects.

Chrome 71 to Block Ads on Abusive Sites

Chrome 71 will punish website owners who publish such content in the first place. It will remove all adds wholesale. Any website caught out with this issue will have 30 days to fix any of the experiences flagged by Google’s tool before Chrome removes all ads from the site.
Mozilla’s Firefox has also introduced better tracking protection, which targets the adverts that use trackers to gather information from web users.
Chrome 71 will release in December. When it releases it will bring a number of additional changes.
This new feature will hopefully facilitate the web users and will help them to avoid the abusive content on the browser.


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