Chrome 74 Beta Adds Dark Mode For Window

Google Chrome 74 beta version now comes with the support of dark mode for Windows. The browser is not gonna automatically load its darker-colored theme in case users have switched on “Dark” in the platform’s settings. With the help of the mode, the Chrome will transform into charcoal and a Google logo devoid of its usual bright hues.

We have seen in recent past the dark themes have been popping up in so many apps. In the last month, Google has also rolled out dark mode to several apps. As so many apps have introduced the dark mode that’s why Viber also dark mode on Android. And now its the time for Chrome 74 Beta.

Chrome 74 Beta Adds Dark Mode For Window

The dark mode theme is now getting a highly demanded feature for Android users. That’s why many big tech companies are trying to introduce the dark theme in their apps. Android Q is also working on a system-wide dark theme that would definitely work great.

The benefit of the dark theme is that it can save battery life and don’t put stress on your eyes, that’s why people are now more comfortable with dark themes on the Android.

Soon dark mode for Google Chrome 74 beta will be available across the globe.

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