Dark Mode for Facebook Lite is Available- Users of Main Facebook App Still Waiting

Dark mode Dark mode everywhere! If you have not got it, Not Fair. Well almost all the big tech giants have already incorporated dark mode in their app. However the biggest on them, WhatsApp was slow when it came to launching dark mode for its own app. When asked the reason of delay, the official from the messaging app revealed that the dark mode they are working on is quite different from other social media apps and is complex as well. However, after a long wait, WhatsApp for beta got dark mode but still many people were deprived of this basic feature. So if you are one of those people who are not tired of waiting for dark theme for WhatsApp, download Facebook lite as it is getting dark theme prior the actual app. Dark Mode for Facebook Lite is Available.

Facebook Lite is a full fledge app that offers the same feature but it is lighter on your phone memory and consumed less internet. It funny that the Actually Facebook user apps are still waiting for this feature and the people using lighter version of it are getting it before.

Dark Mode for Facebook Lite- Here’s how to Use It

However, if you are fortunate to use Facebook Lite which is available in few regions, you should know that Dark Mode option has been added to the app. There is a dark mode toggle in settings menu. You need to enable the dark mode by flipping the toggle to the right.

Dark mode is coming to Facebook Lite before the main app

The dark mode is perfectly designed to have less strain on y our eyes. When you will implement the dark mode, its implementation will go beyond your imaginations. All the tabs and menu of dark mode theme will appear dark gray. From last few months we were hearing about the dark mode for Facebook lite, but its seems a broader rollout has begun now, So if you are using Facebook lite, Enjoy.

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