Why do Computers Get Hacked More Frequently in Third World Countries like Pakistan

2020 is commonly referred to as the Year of the Digital Pandemic since it had the highest number of hacking attacks in recent memory. Even the most advanced systems throughout the world could not claim to be safe year.  Given this, hacking computers and systems in Pakistan came as no surprise. We are aware that Pakistan is undergoing digital modernization in major departments and ministries, and the move from the old to the new comes with its own set of risks.

The global dependency on information systems is steadily increasing. However, because we rely so largely on automated systems, the security of these systems is critical. This article outlines the shortcomings of such systems in Pakistan. Why hacking rate higher? How can this danger be reduced? This informative piece will also demonstrate the impact and make recommendations.

Hackers are those who utilize a computer system to gain unauthorized access to another system for data or to render that system inoperable. These hackers employ their abilities to achieve a specific aim, such as getting notoriety by shutting down a computer system, stealing money, or rendering a network inaccessible.

Reasons of Hacking Computers

Basic bragging rights, curiosity, vengeance, boredom, challenge, theft for financial gain, sabotage, vandalism, corporate espionage, blackmail, and extortion are all popular motives for hacking. These reasons are frequently used by hackers to explain their activities.

Hacking computers could help hackers to assume your identity and then use it for something else, such as taking out a loan or transferring money. The prevalence of such events has grown since mobile banking and Internet banking became prevalent. With the rise of mobile devices like smartphones, so has the opportunity for monetary gain through hacking.

1. Pirated Windows

A pirated Windows is one that is activated illegally. Most users choose to use a cracked version of Windows in order to avoid paying Microsoft for the official copy while still having full access to its features.

Hacking Computers

2. Role of Windows Security 

Windows Security is incorporated into the operating system and contains an antivirus application known as Microsoft Defender Antivirus. (Earlier versions of Windows 10 referred to Windows Security as Windows Defender Security Center).

If you have another antivirus program installed and running, Microsoft Defender Antivirus will immediately switch off. If you delete the other software, Microsoft Defender Antivirus will immediately restart.

Virus and threat prevention – Monitor risks to your device, conduct scans, and receive updates to assist in detecting the most recent attacks. (Some of these choices are inaccessible if Windows 10 is operating in S mode.)

Account security – Gain access to sign-in choices and account settings, such as Windows Hello and dynamic lock.

Firewall and network security – Manage firewall settings and keep track of what’s going on with your networks and internet connections.

Device security – Review built-in security settings to help safeguard your device from unwanted malware assaults.

3. Pirates Games & Softwares

Downloading pirated games makes PCs susceptible; malware harvests email addresses and login passwords, among other things.

Adware is now the norm

All gaming pirates are fully aware of various types of adware and what they can do. While adware isn’t particularly hazardous or damaging, it can create a variety of problems and make your computer vulnerable to hacking. Furthermore, it can be highly irritating.

Risk in Top of the search results 

Most gamers are aware that the best location to get official games is via a dedicated store like Steam. They use search engines to find a “Minecraft crack” or “virus-free FIFA.” Hackers take advantage of this by setting up websites that sell free keys, cracks, and unlocked versions of games, as well as Trojans, and pushing them to the top of search results.

Virus Accidental Downloads

To begin, even though it does not appear to be malware, pirated software products frequently include it. The crack developers frequently state that their crack may cause an antivirus alert, but that these signals are only false positives.

No updates for your software

You will be unable to keep up with software upgrades since your devices include unauthorized and pirated software. When new software is released, it gradually becomes prone to vulnerabilities and other malware risks. This is because crackers spend their time attempting to navigate and penetrate the system.

4. Trusting Web Too Much

A cybersecurity expert is warning smartphone users to be cautious of downloading fake apps that can potentially give hackers unfettered access to the personal information on your phone. A cybersecurity expert is warning smartphone users to be cautious of downloading fake apps that can potentially give hackers unfettered access to the personal information on your phone.

Cyber Protection Policies In Pakistan 

Currently, Pakistan does not have any laws in place that deal adequately with the rising problem of cybercrime. The existing crime justice law system in Pakistan is insufficient and unable to deal with the sophisticated online dangers of the cyber era. This new era has harmed both existing crimes and given birth to new types of criminals and cyber crime such as hacking (illegal data access), interference with data and ICT systems, specially cyber related electronic forgery and frauds. These digital crimes cannot be adequately dealt with or punished under current legal frameworks.

Hacking Computers



Hacking computers has broadened the definition of theft to include infiltrating your computer, stealing personal information, duping you into revealing private data, and then using that data to steal and extort personal information such as business secrets, bank account credentials, and even people’s identities. You can help protect your computer by using strong passwords, anti-virus software, and system scans. Update and backup your computer system on a regular basis.

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