How To Grow Youtube Channel With Zero Budget

There’s no doubt that; in recent years, video marketing has been on the rise, growing ever more popular and quite feasible for the brands to grow their businesses. And while popular sites like SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter and even your own website are fantastic places to invest, YouTube remains the giant of space, with people spending a billion hours watching content on this channel every day. You may be creating amazing video content and running a great YouTube channel, but attracting new subscribers to grow Youtube channel becomes a struggle if you don’t go an extra mile to encourage it. 

Come up with amazing ideas 

how to make money with youtube channel

Find a unique ideas to attract audience to your channel or choose a main theme which depicts the right subject. Your channel’s principal theme has to be enjoyable. And not only for you but also for an uninterested crowd. You need to think about those viewers any time you make a video. When a new user clicks on a picture, you will presume that they are only slightly interested and that they will click away within 5 seconds. Strive to keep them on camera. 

Write relevant titles and descriptions 

It’s important to speak the same language as your viewers and while you may want to be imaginative with names, you should use the exact terms that you want the video to look on. YouTube search engine works close to Google, so be precise and use the keywords that would be used by the potential viewers. 

Build Videos Around a Single Keyword/Topic 

It may seem odd but the best way to get the views you want and expand your audience is to create your video around a single topic / keyword. Most people who don’t know about SEO best practices miss this step, but if you want your videos to get the highest number of viewers it’s important. Consider using a YouTube-specific keyword app like KeywordTool to search for the most searched keyworks. 

Use relevant keywords that sync with your video  

Consider also of some very interesting things viewers love to watch. Attempt to narrow it down to just under 10. 

  • Travel vlog  
  • Solo travel, budget travel, luxury travel accommodation,  
  • hotels, camping  
  • Expensive,  
  • cheapest,  
  • smallest in the world 
  • Most, Best, Tutorials 

Even with just those keywords, with millions of views you can build a whole mega channel. All you need to do is use keyword search to find certain keywords. 

Never produce a Boring Content 

YouTube would reward you if the algorithm guarantees you to create amazing content. 

Get back to the fundamentals about whether the stuff you put out is exciting. And if you’re only starting out, note that your channel should do one of 2 things: Entertain people or inform them. 

Why would someone want to watch this video? 

If you’re in front of the audience, you’ll need a big personality or have something people’s eager to hear. Successful vlog channels all have a director behind them who encourages the audience. 

If the content itself is without a host, so the content needs to be both curious and engaging enough to keep people interested. 

Engage with Your Audience

grow Youtube Channel

It is important not to overlook the fact that YouTube is a forum for social media, and thus requires social interaction. You’re missing a trick if you’re just posting videos without promoting feedback and conversation. YouTube honors highly engaged audiences, including total user hours, viewing time, likes and dislikes and, most notably, feedback. Try to answer any complaints you receive (if possible!) and invite users to make audio / visual prompts. 

Start a Video With Bang 

Have you ever heard of an average person’s attention span today? To be precise, this is between 8 and 12 seconds. For the video blogging industry that means finding him missing if you do not capture the attention of an audience in those first seconds. 

Organize videos into playlists/ Thumbnails

The production of playlists has two unmistakable advantages. Next, playlists make the channel streamlined and easier to navigate along with the thumbnails. That is to say, audiences are likely to spend more time exploring the topic they are interested in. Second, playlists deliver value for optimization and help you turn up in search results.

Grow YouTube channel Videos on Other Social Channels 

One of the beautiful things about social media is that you can use different channels to spread content through them. The best way to grow the audience is to share your YouTube videos on your other social channels. Which tools do you use? Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest-Instagram? There are many to choose from. And if there’s a channel (such as Facebook) on which you want to post videos directly, you can always do a preview on YouTube for the full-length video so you’ll have maximum exposure on all channels. Don’t hesitate to post your blog; you can also share your videos there. 

Do you know how much Youtube Pays for 1 million views? 

How much money YouTube makes depends on one major factor: the CPM (cost per mile). 

The CPM is a calculation of gross revenue per 1000 monetised playbacks in which an ad has been shown. It typically varies from $1 to $10, or even higher depending on the location of the season and the region. Yet overall a CPM of $1 to $5 is normal. 


Note, connecting with quality content is what creates, and ultimately, committed fans are the ambassadors of your brand. These are the organic ways to grow Youtube channel. Stay true to yourself and your product, and connect along the way with your fans.

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