Microsoft Outlook Worldwide Service was Out for Few Hours

Outlook online users worldwide report problems accessing Microsoft On Monday, September 28, Microsoft’s Outlook service was down worldwide, affecting Outlook on the web,, and Outlook on desktop and mobile devices.

The outage occurred at about 2 a.m. and while Microsoft initially claimed that it was Indian-based users who were the “primarily affected audience,” the stance quickly changed. Microsoft also reported that a massive disruption affecting

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Office 365 and Outlook Teams also impacted users worldwide. Outlook users were unable to reach their mail and for around four hours, failed to load. Microsoft Outlook went down again just 48 hours after things had gone back to normal.

A recent configuration update, Microsoft claims, was the reason for the problems. Microsoft stated in a service message on Twitter:

This is the second major failure of Microsoft services within a week. Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Teams, and other programs all faced problems for hours on Monday. Microsoft does not thoroughly detail the root cause of its outages, unlike other companies like Cloudflare, so we may never actually know why the Outlook email service has suffered severe failures twice a week.

For certain people now, Outlook services have begun to come back online, and Microsoft claims it has returned the upgrade and telemetry reveals that the infrastructure is now restoring. The same tweet also stated that Exchange Online protocols, including Outlook desktop and smartphone, could be having difficulties with users.

This is also beginning to sound quite close to the issue of Monday, as is the response to it for that matter. As of now, for people around the world, Outlook programs have begun to recover and it should not be long before it is fixed for all of us.

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