New Google Assistant can Turn you Car’s AC On

Google Assistant is the best thing in our lives nowadays as with every new feature it is making our lives easier. Just a few days back, it launched a new feature to make your babies sleep. This time Google has revealed a new generation assistant which is better than before and is faster. A new driving mode is launched along with a feature that will turn your car’s A/C even if it is parked somewhere.

Now you can Command New Google Assistant without saying Hey Google

The assistant is working in the clouds having 100GB worth of neural networks that handle voice recognition and language understanding. Thnkas to the engineers, who have managed to compress into half a gigabyte to facilitate people that this assistant works on their phone in the best way.

So the overall privacy is improved and the voice recognition is continuous now even in areas where there are internet connectivity issues. Due to this, the Google Assistant will be 10 times faster than before. So the instantaneous conversation feature will eradicate all the unnatural pauses between your commands. So now you can ask the assistant to open your gallery without using hey google command.  You just need to say “send it” and Assistant will know what “it” is and who to send it to. Check out the demo below:

Here is a demo video of the new Google Assistant Features:

Moreover, the driving mode will be automatically turn on when you will connect to your vehicle Bluetooth. This mode will show you vide of the relevant locations, contacts, music and etc. You can also accept or decline calls while driving with a voice command. And as told before you can switch on your car’s AC with its help.

Have you ever thought that an assistant will be able to do all these chores for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Fizza Atique

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