‘Shoppable AR’ Feature Allows Advertisers to Sell Products Directly Through Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat is launching a news feature this week named Shoppable AR feature. Shoppable AR make it easier for advertisers to see their products and goods through sponsored  Snapchat lenses. This new feature is built on the top of Sponsored lenses. Sponsored Lenses launched in 2015 allows advertisers create branded filters while bringing product placements to selfies.


You can shop products directly from Snapchat lenses

Shoppable AR allows you to add a button directly to lens. By tapping on this button Users can visit the website to learn more about the particular product. It has another option that allows users to include a link to install an app  or long form of the video teaser. One can easily do all this inside of App.

Right now this feature will be launched for some media partners. Clairol is selling an AR “beauty product trial,” Adidas is moving its Deerupt running shoes, King has an AR Candy Crush game.

As Snapchat is used by many people of all age groups so this feature will be fore sure beneficial for advertisers and will even increase their sales too.

However by keeping users inside the app, friction of sales will be reduced a little bit but it will engage more number of users inside the App. Photo filter App keep on launching new features, to compete with it competitors. Yesterday we came to know that Snapchat’s lens studio is now adding new feature that will let you to create or build your own face filter for the very first time. Snapchat has now opened face filter creation while before this the only world lenses were available for custom creation.

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