Now have a Quick Video Conference Calling with Skype Meet Now Feature

Skype is making the overall communication easier and timesaving for you. Seem like Skype has tried to catch the COVID-19 situation, which has shifted people to digital means of communications. Furthermore, as people have quarantined themselves, work and study from home is the only option left due to which a sudden hype is witnessed in the usage of the app such as Zoom and House party. Skype is the pioneer of video calling feature which is not new but this time t has come with an amazing feature “Meet Now” that will make the communication with loved ones less timely and more convenient. Skype meet now feature facilitate people to conduct conference call efficiently with people who don’t have skype.

Like Zoom, meet now a feature of Skype allows users to generate a unique link with just a single click. With this link, the host can invite anyone by sharing the link. In this time, the group call initiates on the prescribed time by the host and other people can join it with the link sent to them. During this video conference call, one can enjoy all the great features offered by the platform before.

While telling about this feature, Skype revealed in a Blog Post:

“meetings have no expiration date so you can create your meetings ahead and join anytime. We will hold your call recordings for up to 30 days and shared media even longer.” 

With this feature, Skype is ready to compete with Zoom, who just got too much attention due to self-isolation people observing these days. This feature was announced in December 2019, but the company has launched it at the right time when it was much needed.

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