Skype has now Microsoft’s ‘Together Mode’ Feature

Microsoft is adding one of the best video call functions to Skype this week Together Mode, which uses AI to section your face and shoulders and position you in a virtual environment with other users, is now available in Skype. You’ll need at least five people with webcams to make this feature functional, and it’ll put everyone in a simulated world as if they’re sitting side by side.

Microsoft first introduced Together Mode back in July for Pandemic-era gatherings, and the NBA began using the feature to introduce basketball fans to field on a simulated live gameplay experience. Even it’s exciting to see a feature of Microsoft Teams finding their way to Skype.

Lots of users migrated to Zoom earlier this year when the outbreak compelled millions to work from home and socialise with friends through video calls. Skype missed this big moment to a considerable degree.

Previously, Skype had capitalised on Apple’s problems with the FaceTime Community to draw exposure to its own group calling feature.

With enhanced support for more participants, Skype improved the capabilities of other common chatting applications such as WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Instagram, and instead competes more specifically with enterprise-grade calling solutions such as Zoom.

In addition to this new Together Mode feature, Microsoft is now introducing its Wide Grid Mode feature to Skype so that you’re seeing all video streams at the same time. This new version of the app, available through Windows, Mac, Linux, and the internet, also provides more context options and lets users connect friends to their on-going calls using their phone number.


Nayab Khan

Nayab Khan is a freelance tech-writer whose specialty is absorbing the key data and articulating the most important points. She helps IT based organizations communicate their message clearly across multiple channels.
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