Skype New Update Adds Android Auto Support for Text Messages

Skype will not feature support for Android Auto for both its platforms Android and iOS. Previously Android Auto support for Skype for Android was already available, and people loved it. This new feature is limited to text messages only. With this feature, users will be able to see text messages of Skype on the car’s display. However, presently, there will be no voice or video call support in the latest update.

In this new update, which has come with the marvelous feature, Microsoft revealed that there many bugs as well, which are fixed on Skype for Android. Such as there was an error that was preventing users from using Meet Now. However, this error is also resolved.

Skype adds Android Auto functionality to its app

Furthermore, Apple fans have also received some improvements in their Skype app. Since iOS users have received the latest update, they will be facilitated by changing their camera background on their iPhone and iPad. Skype was neglected for a long time, and due to this reason, more people have shifted to new video calling platforms. However, if it keeps on launching a new feature and integrating third-party apps with its platforms, it might be able to stop users from shifting to other platforms and while attracting new users as well.

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