Now You Will be Able to Send Animated Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp keeps on launching new features on and off. This time we are getting support for Animated Stickers on WhatsApp. Telegram already has Animated stickers available, and it seems the famous messaging app is inspired by its rival. Previously, WhatsApp had support for static images only. Either people download it from third-party packs from play store or WhatsApp’s inbuild packs; all were static stickers. Now, in WhatsApp beta, users will be able to enjoy animated stickers’ support.

Animated Stickers on WhatsApp- What’s New!

This feature appeared in beta v2.20.194.7 and later on disappeared in v2.20.194.9.Once these stickers are available in animated packs, they will be animated once and stop. If users need to play it again, they can scroll it up or down.  This functionality will change when the feature is properly implemented; however, it might work in the same way to avoid too much movement on your screen when a user is about to read messages.

These stickers also show up as animated ones in the build-in WhatsApp picker. Currently, we have come across five animated sticker packs, including Playful Piyomaru, Rico’s Sweet Life, Moody Foodies, Chummy Chum Chums, and Bright Days. All these stickers appear in WhatsApp; however, they cannot be found until someone sends you this sticker pack. This will change when the feature is rolled out properly.

If you want to be among lucky ones to have these stickers, you need to be on beta v2.20.194.7 of WhatsApp, which can be downloaded from APK Mirror, however, one can only receive these stickers from someone who’s enabled them. Otherwise, wait for the time when they will be rolled out for everyone.

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