Pixel 3 will be iPhone X Clone with These Similar Features

Many smartphone giants are copying the iPhone X Notches so Google Pixel 3 incorporating iPhone x like notch isn’t surprising. It not only the Chinese company’s copying iPhone x style notches but many renowned companies are also copying the same style notches. It seems that Pixel 3 with a notch seems to be the same, in short Pixel 3 will be iPhone X clone.

Google Accidentally Revealed that Pixel 3 will be iPhone X Clone

However google is not just copying iPhone X but also some of the best features will be coming to android p this year. Google posted some images in a blog post giving detailed review about Android P’s built in support for DNS over TLS.

ArsTechnica’s Ron Amadeo asked a bunch of questions regarding this:

The pill-shaped home button looks similar to iPhone X’s virtual home bar which replaced the previous home button. So it is evident that Google is encasing many features which are same as iOS.

When Apple eradicated the old home button, it had to reinvent iPhone navigation which allowed users to return to home button and to switch between different apps for multitasking.

It is surprising and questionable that why Google incorporated same features as that of Apple iPhone X. No Doubt, Android P will include many new features but still will be copying other features of Apple with a notch. As Pixel is flagship device of Google, may be it will not have true resemblance to iPhone X.

Probably Pixel 3 will have all screen display with a notch, no headphone jack and a gesture based navigation system according to this leak.

Well whatever Google adds to Android P, but one thing is final that none of the feature will be as prominent as the most visible notch display design copied from iPhone X notch.

What do you think Android P and the Pixel have looked like, if there was no iPhone X to copy?

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