#PunishAMuslimDay is Viral On Social Media for Some Unwanted Reasons

Two weeks back, people across several communities in the UK received anonymous letters that declared April 3, 2018, as “Punish a Muslim” day. Among the recipient who received these letters were four Muslim members of parliament. Their packages for letter also included a noxious substance. A part form these letters #PunishAMuslimDay has gone viral on different platforms of Social Media.

The Letter had dedicated some award arbitrary points to series of hate crimes against Muslim with higher points awarded to more violent acts. These range from verbally abusing a Muslim (10 points) to throwing acid on a Muslim’s face (50 points) to bombing a mosque (1000 points). All these points are also available on social media platforms with #PunishAMuslimDay.

Muslims have been asked to stay vigilant on the day. Reactions from the UK and around the world have largely been of horror and disgust, and the letters were roundly condemned in the House of Commons. Say no to  #PunishAMuslimDay.

This is very ironic, that someone has too much hatred just because the other person is Muslim. How will you answer Humanity, when you will pull off scarf of a girl just because she is Muslim and exercising her religion? Being a Muslim, we are not that extremist to ever think about such activities then why other people are?

The UK charity Tell Mama measures anti-Muslim attacks. It has instructed  Muslims to “continue their daily routines, but remain alert.” They offer a list of seven safety tips (see photo) that includes staying in well-lit, busy areas, and to call emergency services if needed.

Lets go against #PunishAMuslimDay, as Shahab Adris’ counter-campaign declared April 3 as “Love a Muslim” day. His list of arbitrary points are awarded for acts ranging from smiling at a Muslim (10 points), to throwing flowers at a Muslim (50 points), to holding a fundraiser for the needy, “especially people suffering in Iraq, Libya, Kashmir, Yemen, Myanmar, Palestine, and Syria” (1000 points). Well may Allah save all Muslims from Evil Eye.

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