Resuscitation of Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 12

It has been almost 10 years since first Samsung released its Galaxy S3 in 2012. The last Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update that Samsung Galaxy S3 received was back in 2015. After seven years software developers have attempted to resuscitate the Galaxy S3 with Android 12.

The developer html6405, has managed to perform the impossible feat of reviving the Android 12 on Galaxy S3. It is quiet a big achievement, keeping in mind that S3 device in comparison to the recent prevailing technology is very weak and underpowered.

Every “smart-device” whether it is phone or a tablet has a 5 years lifespan. In these 5 years they attain their maturity and get their regular updates and support. Then they get replaced by new advanced “smart-devices”.

The Galaxy S3, was equipped with Exynos 4412 chipset. XDA developers note that the device has managed to port an unofficial build of LineageOS 19.0, which is based upon Android 12, to the Galaxy S3. The other specs like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, video playback and cellular radio all are working fine. Though the SIM PIN unlock, NFC and microSD cards bugs and problems dents the overall revival excitement.

It is no hidden information that many of the sort out features of the LineageOS are not available in the S3 designed Android 12. Nevertheless, this whole effort is worth all the applause.

With recent pollution statistics and the share of e-waste in it is quiet scary. The rate at which the new smart devices become old and obsolete is also very alarming. If this cycle continues then according to the recent data collected, 25 Million metric tons of e-waste will be generated in the next coming 10 years. Reviving old set and breathing life into the dead handset and smart devices will definitely change these numbers.

For those who still have kept these sets as souvenirs or use them to make and receive calls only, can now once again use these sets as their normal sets. May be in the future we see some more updates for the other Samsung handsets.

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