Samsung Galaxy S9 May Come with More Reliable Face Recognition

SamCentral has discovered a hidden Intelligent Scan feature in the settings APK for the Galaxy Note 8’s Oreo beta that uses both camera-based face detection and the iris scanner in tandem for “better accuracy and security” and improved results in “low or very bright” lighting. Samsung has said that the Galaxy S9 might come with more advanced face recognition. Samsung Galaxy S9 May Come with More Reliable Face Recognition.

Max Weinbach who discovered intelligent scan, has said that it also uses “face and iris recognition together for better accuracy and security.

Samsung Galaxy S9 May Come with More Reliable Face Recognition

The feature is expected to be unveiled on the S9, it has been also reported that it doesn’t require any extra hardware.

Max Weinbach over at SamCentral reported that:

Intelligent scan! According to the strings in the Settings apk, Intelligent scan is a combination of both Iris and Facial recognition. It uses “Iris Scanner and Face Recognition together for better results even in low or very bright light.” Well this is new.

As this feature is unknown to users, so it is expecting to be introduced with the S9. Samsung could give the feature to S8 and Note 8 users when the official Oreo upgrade arrives. But still it is not clear that they will get the same level of face recognition-based features. S9 is going to beat iPhone X in terms of face recognition and now you will also experience other features that depend on stricter security.

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