Snapchat Battle Royale Mobile Game Finally Released

Just recently, Snapchat launches its Snap Games that will land as a blessing for games lovers. Basically, Snap Games are mobile games that users will be able to play within the Snapchat app while chatting.  These games can be played by multiple players so it means while playing it with your friends you can also send texts or voice messages to make the game more interesting. Now, Snapchat Battle Royale Mobile Game Finally Released to make its app more enchanting.

Snapchat Battle Royale Mobile Game will Let you Communicate with your Friends While Playing

Initially, there were only three games available to play with your friends, Snake Squad, Zombie Rescue Squad, and Bitmoji Party. However now, the company released its first ever Tiny Royale game.

You can choose custom characters or team up with friends or battle individually. Moreover, there can be up to 30 players who can battle at a time, forming teams of up to four players. During matches, players can communicate with their friends through both text and voice-based Chat features.

You can unlock new characters and collect weapons and health packs while the map shrinks during the match until only one player, or team, remains.

Moreover, a few days back the company has launched a Snapchat status feature in Snap maps that will check where your friends are and also allows you to see what your friends are doing on a specific time.  To show your friend what you actually are doing at a specific time, you can choose any Bitmoji. The best thing about this feature is that one can also create a list of places you have visited. The name of this particular feature is a passport.

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