Snapchat will Let Users Add Music to Posts

Soon Snapchat users will be able to add music to their posts. The photo-messaging app is working on letting users add music to the posts. It seems that Snapchat is Competing with the likes of Instagram.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Snapchat is struggling to secure broad rights to catalogs from Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, as it is reportedly in talks with Universal Music Group.

Snapchat will Let Users Add Music to Posts

This will give the right to Snapchat in order to allow users to add music in their posts, similar to some other apps that are allowing users to add music to posts such as Instagram.

A few days back, Snapchat has introduced a very amusing gender swapping filter. The filter got popular in users in a very short time span. Interestingly, Many people who had never used the app, have downloaded it to check the filter and see how they would look like as the opposite gender.

Snapchat is working to add new and interesting filters so actively in order to retain the users and increase their interest in the app. It has been noticed that most people were losing their interest in the app but now we are hoping that the photo-messaging app can get the interest of users back with these interesting filters.

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