Sony Is Developing Its Next Gadget With Snapdragon 865

Sony is working on next flagship with Snapdragon 865

Sony has launched a new Xperia 5 in Shanghai. According to the news, its price is around $760. But now, the information about other flagship is announced. Sony is coming with Snapdragon 865 for its upcoming flagship. Foreign media says that they found a file named SM8250 in its firmware distribution server. This file is the basic code name for Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC. The mobile platform also has a codename known as “Hana”

However, the news says that this time Qualcomm Snapdragon comes with additional features. These features will include a 5G integrated chipset. The other version of the chipset will be without 5G support. Anyhow, this model can work with 5G if the manufacturer has put an X50 modem for a 5G connection. These are the two models of Snapdragon. Moreover, the there cost will also vary. This will provide customers a variety to choose between different processors.

However, it is still not confirmed that Sony’s next flagship will be compatible with 5G functionalities or not. Earlier, Sony’s Xperia J8910 was launched. Its name is Horus. It is rumored that the phone is embedded with Snapdragon 855 and has 5G enabled. Still, there is not a single phone which is integrated with 5G till now. Thereafter, it is assumed that Hana will be Sony’s first-ever smartphone integrated with 5G.

We will see Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 in Sony at the end of this year, hopefully. But, it will surface officially any time till the mid of next year. Stay tuned for more exciting news!!

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