WhatsApp is Working on a Companion Mode for multi-device

WhatsApp has rolled out its multi-device feature to all of its users. The feature will let users access the platform on multiple devices without an internet connection on the primary device. WhatsApp allows its users to link a single WhatsApp account with up to four more devices. The only drawback is that the feature does not allow you to use your WhatsApp account on any other smartphone. For its solution, WhatsApp has started working on a new Companion mode.

WhatsApp is Working on a Companion Mode for multi-device

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WhatsApp has been testing the new mode for Apple iOS and Android smartphones for quite some time. The Companion mode will let users link their primary smartphone with a WhatsApp account on another smartphone. However, if you switch to the Companion mode, you will have to log out from your WhatsApp account on your primary device.

Moreover, if you connect your WhatsApp account with another smartphone, it will erase all locally stored WhatsApp data, including your messages and media. However, it will not have any impact on WhatsApp data stored on Google Drive or iCloud.

The feature is currently under development, there are not many details available about this feature yet. However, the feature may also help users to migrate from Android to iOS smartphones.

The previous reports also revealed that the users will be able to see a new “Register Device as Companion” section, under the multi-device feature. The report also suggests that you may be able to pair your other smartphone with the main device by scanning the QR code and authenticating the link.

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