WhatsApp for Android Beta Removes the Ability to Save Profile Pictures

No, I will not start the blog with sharing WhatsApp’s achievements, its speedy launch of bundles of features and its efforts to make the platform secure for us. The reason behind it is that when the hackers have hacked WhatsApp with just a phone call, taking the ability from people not to save other’s profile picture on the name of security is something very lame. Anyway, a new feature has landed for WhatsApp for Android Beta.

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Soon you will not be able to save profile pictures of your friends if you are android users. Well, this new will be shocking for people who have the habit of sending pictures here and there. SO in the upcoming version, WhatsApp is removing the “Save profile photo” ability. This change was already pushed for WhatsApp Business beta version for iPhone version Maybe WhatsApp is trying to be very secure however the hacking scandal it was immersed a few days back was more horrible than disabling save profile feature.

WhatsApp for Android Beta Users will Probably not welcome this feature

Previously, people used to open someone’s profile photo and share it using different medium/ channels. There was also an ability to save the profile picture to the gallery. But the new beta version has removed the sharing icon completely.

Anyhow, this new feature is spotted on the beta version of WhatsApp too. Apart from this, the messaging has launched a new feature for iPhone users too. Now WhatsApp iPhone users will be able to preview the stickers from the notification center directly. The App has also received the night mode feature finally.

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