WhatsApp New Feature will Enable Chat History Syncing Across Platforms

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps and since almost everyone who owns a mobile phone has it installed, any update and new features to this app are always celebrated. This time, WhatsApp is spotted working on enabling syncing chat history across platforms. The new feature will be inline with various devices that support this linked devices feature. Chat History Syncing will let you use WhatsApp account on four devices simultaneously. Unlike, the way WhatsApp works presently, the chat history will also be synchronized when users will move from one account to another.

WhatsApp New Feature will Enable Chat History Syncing Across Platforms

According to WABetaInfo, Whatsapp will soon start syncing chat history across platforms to enable multiple devices to support on its platform. It will help users to easily shift from one device to another. WhatsApp web users are already facilitated with syncing chat history however WhatsApp beta tracker has revealed that soon WhatsApp will enable chat syncing for mobile devices too.

To actively function on multiple devices, WhatsApp will require Wi-Fi connection which will help it to enable the sharing of data from one device to another. Once the data is shared between devices, Wi-Fi or the internet will not be needed on the primary device. Isn’t it amazing? As presently we need good internet to run WhatsApp on or devices.

The messaging giant is working on Cross-platform syncing of chat history for iPad as well which means that users will be able to use WhatsApp on both iPhone and iPad at the same time. In the same way, this cross-platform syncing functionality will work on desktop and mobile devices as well. However, there are no words by the company whether this feature will work between Android and iPhone devices as well. This is not an easy one, so if WhatsApp plans to launch such functionality, it will definitely take some time.

Right now the company has not commented or confirmed anything about this feature, so let’s wait and watch.

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