WhatsApp will Stop Working on Some Devices & Operating Systems

WhatsApp has completely transformed the communication scenario by connecting people all over the world in such a comfortable way. However, it has been reported that WhatsApp will stop working on some devices.

Recently, WhatsApp has updated its supported devices and operating systems list, now a large number of devices will become incompatible to operate the WhatsApp. However, it will affects many users Worldwide.

WhatsApp will Stop Working on Some Devices & Operating Systems

The company has confirmed that many old devices will not be able to handle all the features that WhatsApp plans to introduce. That’s why company has decided to withdraw its facility to run on certain devices. These old devices and their operating systems (OS) will no more run the updated WhatsApp mobile application.

The minimum requirement for any Android device to run WhatsApp is to have at least Android version 2.3.3. Meaning Android 2.1 (Eclair) and Android 2.2 (Froyo) will not be able to run WhatsApp. However, Android 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) will support WhatsApp for two years.

We are sharing a list of Nokia phones, which will be affected by WhatsApp’s new policies:

  • Nokia 206 Single SIM
  • Nokia 206 Dual SIM
  • Nokia 208 Preinstalled WhatsApp New
  • Nokia 301 Single SIM Chat Edition
  • Nokia 301 Dual SIM Chat Edition
  • Nokia 515 Preinstalled WhatsApp New
  • Nokia Asha series
  • Nokia C3-00
  • Nokia C3-01
  • Nokia X2-00
  • Nokia X2-01
  • Nokia X3-02
  • Nokia X3-02.5

Those iPhones devices which runs below iOS version 7 and iPhone 3GS will no longer support the WhatsApp.

When it comes to Windows phone, WhatsApp will stop its working for Windows Phone 7.0 and 8.0.

WhatsApp has also recommended their users to update devices as per these requirements:

  • Android running OS 4.0+
  • iPhone running iOS 8+
  • Windows Phone 8.1+

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