Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra used to drive a car remotely

Last month, Xiaomi introduced the Mi 10 Ultra with 5G functionality and unfortunately the phone won’t make the global scene, having turned out to be one of the best smartphones to buy. The least we can do is enjoy the capabilities of the phone including the almost zero lag while using 5G. 

Xiaomi ‘s official Weibo page uploaded a clip, where a responsible driver used the phone as a remote control to drive an actual car in a safe setting from 2,000 miles away on a race track. 

This is completed on the 5G SA network, with a small latency of 1 ms, according to Xiaomi. The car was explicitly modified to work on the same network, and an app was formed for this show alone. 

The video wants to imply the race was won by the remote-controlled car but it looks like a marketing stunt. Nonetheless, with proper control of the accelerator, the steering wheel and the gearbox, every car may be forced to drift in corners, and when done with a simple smartphone, it is evident that the future is bright. 

This new phone is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, and with an enhanced screen, tweaked cameras and much faster charging than its successors, it’s even more top-end than the Mi 10 Pro. 

Like all Xiaomi Mi smartphones, this new superstar was originally announced in China and we thought this could precede a global launch at a later date, but some sources say that the phone will never be launched in China.


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