Youtube Non Skippable Ads Will Roll Out Soon To More Creators

Recently, we have come to know that the YouTube is expanding non-skippable ads on its platform. The company announced that it is expanding its monetization method of unskippable ads to more creators. All those creators who can already monetize content on YouTube will soon be able to turn on non-skippable ads on all videos. The users will not be seeing the ‘skip ad’ button more often when the Youtube Non Skippable Ads will be pushed to more creators.

Youtube Non Skippable Ads Will Incentivize Creators to produce more content

Advertisers usually pay creators more for the non-skippable ads. So, this could be a way for YouTubers to incentivize creators to produce more content. The previously published videos on the channel will also be able to make use of the non-skippable ads if the creator switches them on.

Older video content that has TrueView ads enabled will be switched over to non-skippable ads by default. YouTube creators can still enable the viewers to skip ads on their video archives. They just need to change the default Youtube Ad settings.

Moreover, the YouTube is also adding a tool. It will let the creators add or remove non-skippable ads. It will also help to track the audience engagement and revenue flow from videos that include those ads. A Youtube spokesperson pointed out that the creators will also be able to track non-skippable ad performance in their YouTube analytics. They can determine whether that ad format is best for monetizing their audience or not.

More money obviously sounds good for the creators. So, this will help creators to earn more money. According to Youtube, this change will start rolling out next week. All the eligible creators will get a notification in their dashboard.

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