Apple Airpower: Officially fixed the issue of Over Heating

A recent software leak says the Apple AirPower C68 project has fixed the issue with the Apple Watch causing the three-device charging pad to dramatically overheat. 

A new leak from Jon Prosser is claiming to display an Apple Watch being charged on a “C68,” the codename for a wireless charging plate from AirPower. It’s important because it indicates that Apple has solved the key issue of overheating which is believed to be why the this project has been cancelled before. 

Previously, Apple refused to explain why it had canceled its long-delayed AirPower product. After a lot of effort, we have concluded that this technology has not met our high standards and we have canceled the project, “he said. He further added, that we apologize to the customers for not launching it this time.  

AirPower was supposed to enable you to place and charge multiple devices like Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods anywhere on its surface. According to Prosser, “if you were placing an Apple Watch as well along with other devices on the mat, the whole mat would heat up. 

Prosser reported earlier this year that the “C68” prototype devices under test had incorporated an A11 processor to manage heat. He claims such designs will not be endorsing the Apple Watch, so they are doing that now. 

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Nayab Khan

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