Can the Apple iPad Pro Really Replace your Computer?

5 Reason Apple thinks the iPad Pro can be worth considering as your next PC

In a recent video advertisement, Apple suggests that the iPad Pro isn’t just a tablet, it is a full-fledged computer. Previous iPads were brilliant performing “tablets” but not computer replacements. Whether the iPad pro is going to be embraced as a “computer” or not is a big question mark, but, we think their marketing strategy is really cool this time.

Most of us would want a PC as portable and cool as the iPad Pro which is both powerful and functional as well. Based on that, Apple is literally targetting that segment and are doing really good this time. In their recent video ad, they mentioned that the iPad Pro can be your next Computer. They claim the iPad Pro is more powerful than most computers out there, and that it is a notepad, scanner, editing and music studio, a camera, book and a cinema that probably most computer users use their computer for. They also mentioned that it is easy to use, easy to take everywhere and easy to connect to the web from anywhere using the LTE Sim Slot.

Here’s the Video Advertisement:

Previously, before the iPad Pro, Apple used to emphasize on letting people know and convince them that the iPads were devices from the future, tablets that you need apart from your computer. Seems like they have stopped trying to sell the iPads as “tablets”.

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Whether the iPad Pro will be treated as a computer or not is yet to be decided by consumers. In our testing, we think the new iPad still is far away from being able to replace a computer (we’ll talk about that in the coming articles, stay tuned!). We wanted to highlight the new marketing tactics that Apple are using right now to sell their new iPad Pro(s). What do you think about the new iPad pro, will it be your next computer?

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