With Google’s latest AI Experiments, You can Talk to Books and Test Association Skills

Google has announced a pair of new Artificial Intelligence experiments from its research department. The new experiments will allow Web users to practice semantics and natural language processing. With Google’s latest AI Experiments, You can Talk to Books and Test Association Skills.

Google’s latest AI Experiments Lets you Talk to Books and Test Association Skills

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One of the two Google’s latest AI Experiments is “Talk to Books”. This experiment will lets you speak with a machine-learning algorithm. As a result it reveals answers to questions with relevant passages from human-written text.

The second experiment published is game called Semantris. This game basically tests your word-associating skills as the same software that drives Talk to Books ranks and rates the words on the screen, based on how well they match the answers you’ve entered.

The game is a fun way to test your own skills and see how well the software judges the associations between words. You can also play a Tetris -like version of the game that lets you type in words to clear blocks from the screen, based on your own assumptions of what associations the software draws between words on the colored blocks.

Google Research engineers say the experiment isn’t dependent on keyword matching. Instead, it finds entire sentences pulled from any of over 100,000 books that it thinks respond to your statement or question.

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