How to Register your Mobile Phone with PTA Online?

In order to facilitate International Travellers, PTA in collaboration with FBR has launched a new web-based user interface application in DIRBS for the regularisation and registration of unregistered mobile phones. It means now, one can pay duties and taxes online rather than standing in long queue on Airport. For now, International travellers will be able to bring phones in their luggage and don’t need to declare it on Airport. The FBR has issued separate procedures for the registration of the mobile devices brought in by international travellers, registration of mobile devices by the local applicant, registration of mobile devices imported by individuals through postal service or courier and registration of mobile devices imported illegally through informal channels by local traders. PTA Online Device Registration System is specially launched to facilitate overseas Pakistanis. So now Register Mobile Phone Online.

 Guide: How to Register your Mobile Phone with PTA Online?

  • Click to open Device Registration Portal.


How to Register your Mobile Phone with PTA Online?

  • Sign Up if you don’t have an account.

How to Register your Mobile Phone with PTA Online?

  • You need to Select the purpose and User Type(local Pakistani or Foreigner)

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  • Fill the other fields as well including name, phone, email, postal address and passport number.

How to Register your Mobile Phone with PTA Online?

  • Now click on the sign-up. You will be sent a confirmation email with a link. By clicking on the link again login window having email id and password will appear. Add your credentials and log in.
  • Upon logging in, you will be directed to declaration window.

  • Click on the individual COC on the leftmost corner. You will see two option: Apply for COC and My applications. Click on Apply for COC.

  • Now you will be directed to the Imei window where you need to enter the phone number and IMEI of your device. You can check the IMEI of your device by dialling *06# from your device dial pad


  •  Now you will get a text on the mobile number that you have entered. The text that you would receive will show a procedure if tax to be paid or not.
  • You are done! Now you can also track your application by clicking on my Application.

The overseas Pakistanis can register their mobile devices brought-in baggage within 60 days of their arrival in Pakistan. People living in Pakitan can also register their devices through this online portal however they will have to pay some amount accordingly whereas, for overseas Pakistani, registration of one mobile is totally free.

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All Pakistani mobile device users wishing to know the status of a device can send each 15 digit IMEI number via SMS to 8484. The status of the mobile device can also be checked via PTA website link or by downloading DIRBS android mobile application.

To register your non-compliant device through PTA Device Registration System, Click Here

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  • Hello everyone ,
    i am going to pakistan from Australia next and want to register one phone it online but it does not work.

    Please guide me.
    thanks .

  • Is it true that now overseas Pakistani is not allowed even one set free. Secondly, a 60 day period is allowed to register the set, so one is returning prior to 60 days then there’s no need to register. Lastly I have two sims, one in each set. Both sets were registered. One set has two sim slots, but since I only used one sim in the phone and the other slot had the SD card and now if I insert another sim in place of the SD card, will it work? Because the it’s set that’s required to be registered using whichever sim. Right?

    • 1) Yes true, you’ll have to pay taxes for every single phone.
      2) If you are returning, no need to register, it’ll work for 60 days.
      3) The 2nd sim slot will work, if by any chance it doesn’t, you can forward your query to via email to [email protected]

  • thankyou so much warna to sab fake ha yaha thanks alot ap ki waja say meri bht bari tention khatam ho gai brother thanks alot and God bless you esi tarah khuda ap ko salamat rakhay

  • Respected concerned person please my sister cell is not registered I try many times ever but I think it is blocked by your side my sister passport # is CT-9815882 please solve my problem

  • I have Samsung A7 double sim.i purchased out of it’s emei is registered and 2nd is not how to registered 2nd emei number.

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