LG plans to display transparent OLEDs in restaurants soon

LG has a transparent OLED display, and if you’re curious how effective such a product could be, the business has a few information to share.

In the run-up to the upcoming CES 2021 exhibition, LG presented a few ideas about how its clear OLED products could work into real-world scenarios. One suggestion is to get a transparent OLED at the restaurant, where the display will show up from the counter, between the customer and the waiter, allowing the customer to see the menu and order while only seeing the waiter.

Transparent displays are certainly one of those technologies that almost appear to be on the lookout for a problem to solve. Although their use in TV and film is very obvious, it can be more difficult for real-world implementations to think of. LG, of course, offers a couple of these, including one that might actually be important in history during this time.

LG Display plans to place a 55-inch transparent OLED in a bar between the consumer and the chef. LG has been experimenting with translucent displays for an a while, this is the first time that OLED panels have been seen. Similar to transparent LCDs, which are claimed to have just 10% transparency, transparent OLEDs boast 40% transparency.


Nayab Khan

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