PS5 restock starts from November 15-21: Consoles are arriving !

PS5 restock has been scheduled to start arriving later this week. From November 15 to November 21, more consoles are expected to arrive at retail and online stores. The PlayStation 5 anniversary fallout is still lingering, and this is a strong hint that more drops are on the way in the coming days.


Amazon, notably through its Treasure Truck program, is one large store that hasn’t charged for access to a PS5. You don’t need to be a Prime member to sign up for Treasure Truck, and if a PS5 restock becomes available, you’ll get a text message early the next day with instructions on how to grab one.

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Sony Store

Sony has staged a slew of restocking events in recent weeks, but there’s one catch: they’re all invite-only. You should discover how to become an eligible person for the Direct invite before it goes live this week. You can check out on the website to get your hands on new PS5.

Best Buy Sony Restock

This week, the retail giant is gearing up for a massive deal on Xbox restocks. This is a promising hint that at this massive restock event, we might see a rise in PS5 consoles as well.

On November 15, Best Buy is anticipated to supply the PS5, although it will only be available to members.

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