Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Life Disappoints Consumers

Many consumers are expressing their dissatisfaction over the S9’s battery performance. According to a tracker Strategy Analytics report released by industry, the Galaxy S9 ranked sixth among the seven premium smartphones checked in terms of battery performance.

The performance of Samsung Galaxy S9 battery lagged behind rival devices reported by industry watchers, causing consumers to express discontent.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Life Ranked Sixth Among the Seven Premium Smartphones

The new test has indicated that the battery of the Galaxy S9 ran out in 26 hours and 52 minutes. While LG G6 ran out in 32 hours and 35 minutes and Huawei P10 in 32 hours and 8 minutes. The battery life of Sony Corp.’s XZ2 ran out in 36 hours and 1 minute, followed by the XZ2 Compact of the same company at 34 hours and 20 minutes.

Strategy Analytics said:

“Battery performance for all devices was measured by determining the length of time taken to fully empty the battery under a ‘typical user scenario,’

The industry tracker said:

“specifies using the device for a period of approximately 16 hours over a 24-hour period for a basket of the most common tasks: calling, texting, web browsing, social media, games, camera, music and video.”

Another industry tracker Phone Arena has also reported that the battery of the Galaxy S9 lasted 7 hours and 23 minutes in its test. That is no doubt an hour below than Galaxy S8’s battery life, which is 8 hours and 22 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Life Disappoints ConsumersAfter the traumatic Galaxy Note 7 experience, where faulty batteries resulted in fires and explosions, it seems that Samsung Electronics now refrains from expanding the battery capacity of their flagship devices.

However, an industry insider said that the battery’s capacity is also important, Galaxy S9 came with various new features, which possibly consume more stand-by power and Samsung have failed to develop power-saving algorithms properly.

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