TrackReps-An App Launch to Track the Performance of MPAs in KPK

We have heard a lot about many mobile applications for multiple usage be it health, education, entertainment, editing,food, science related or even games. But apps launched to modernize the public sector of Pakistan will always seek our attention more. A young IT experts from KPK has developed an app called “TrackReps” to track the performance of KPK members of national assembly. TrackReps-An App Launch to Track the Performance of MPAs in KPK. The citizens of KPK can track the performance of their representatives of the provincial assembly while using this application.

In this regard, a public demonstration ceremony was held at the Peshawar Press Club few days back in which the developers of application introduced this app to the participants.

TrackReps-An App Launch to Track the Performance of MPAs in KPK

The team behind TrackReps is a group of young graduates from public sector universities. TrackReps is available for both iOS and android.

“TrackReps aims to bring the performance data of each public representative just a tap or click away. Leveraging technologies a profile of each representative will be created with information like bills/laws proposed or projects initiated. Public can use this organised data to make educated voting decisions and ensure accountability. All this organised inside a phone app.”

Said Mohsin Tariq, one of the developer of App.

The CEO of TrackReps, Shehroz Rashid said that:

“There was lack of information on how the public representatives were performing after their election. Also there was no tool to monitor how they were serving the public after reaching assemblies like their contribution to a particular legislation which was their primary job. That’s why we developed this app.”

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