YouTube Dark Theme Now Rolling Out on Android

YouTube dark theme for Android is now widely rolling out. This new feature is designed to reduce strain on the eyes while navigating the app and search new videos especially under low light. To get the Dark theme on Android device, there is need to get the latest YouTube app (version 13.35.51). You can download this updated app through Google Play. However, the availability varies from region to region.


This new update of dark mode not only gives benefit of reduced eye strain but also gives a more immersive experience. Moreover, it helps you to save battery life on mobile devices. Phones with OLED panels will deliver deeper blacks in videos.

YouTube Dark Theme Finally Arrives on Android

This latest new feature of YouTube has started letting creators add hashtags in video titles and description to improve searchability. A testing of a new Explore tab on iOS devices is also in the process that will replace the Trending section on the platform.

Susan Wojcicki, a CEO of YouTube has recently revealed that the video streaming platform has 1.9 billion users monthly active users and that users watch 180 million hours worth videos on TV screens a month. At the very beginning of 2018 YouTube dark theme was first showed up in an APK teardown and then arrived on iOS devices in March of this year.

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